Coronavirus Precautions for Dwellers & Nomads

As a nomad you are probably concerned for your health and safety during the current COVID19 Pandemic. It’s normal to be concerned but we can use the hindsight from Asia and Europe to take the right precautions to stay healthy, help minimize the spread, and be prepared for any eventual measures the government and law enforcement will take. *We are not doctors or experts* but our collective common sense can help you get an idea of how we’re preparing.

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Top Resources:


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 👉 Receive SMS updates: Text "News" to 1-844-VANLIFE  (1-844-826-5438)

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Do not succumb to the hysteria

First of all, do not go into panic mode and start buying the entire Safeway or walk around in a Hazmat suit. Chances are this will not affect you in any way physically and psychologically and this is only very temporary (few weeks to a month). There are some measures to take to be safe, secure, and comfortable as a dweller/nomad during this time.

"When the crowded Vietnamese refugee boats met with storms or pirates, if everyone panicked all would be lost. But if even one person on the boat remained calm and centered, it was enough. It showed the way for everyone to survive.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

What are the current implications?
  1. Getting sick, getting in a severe condition and needing medical help
  2. Cafes, bars, other public places could be closing (meaning reduced access to bathrooms, space, food for dwellers)
  3. Supermarkets and grocery stores are getting crowded and some supplies go quickly (toilet paper, Purell)
  4. Hospital will get full and become a source of high risk for contamination
  5. Many large events (above 200 people) are getting canceled, meaning gatherings, meetups, etc..
  6. The stock market is dropping which will have implications on jobs, layoffs, business, loans, mortgage, legislations, and more.
  7. Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and more countries are showing the way of how governments are handing the situation: facilities closures (public bathrooms, gyms, cafes, restaurants, state parks, etc..), implementing lockdowns, curfews and more restrictions on travel and your whereabouts
Resilience & Planning Resources
How to prepare your emergency kit?

It is a good idea to have an emergency/readiness kit for any events in general. This one included.

  1. First aid kit (you will want to limit your visit to the hospital as they may get crowded)
  2. Have cash on hand in small bills ($1, $5, max $20)
  3. Non-perishable proteins and veggies (tuna cans, corn, beans, peas, carrots, etc..)
  4. Medicine/Hygienic Supplies
  • Anything to treat Flu-like symptoms (Ibuprofen, Advil, cough syrup/Mucinex)
  • Your prescribed medicine as Walgreens/CVS lines could get long
  • Toilet paper (if you need it), tampons
  • Zinc, vitamin c
  • If infected & medical system is overwhelmed (aspirin, electolytes, chloroquine, oxygen machine, CPAP) — odds are not high that we will need the heavier-duty stuff, but it's good to be prepared  
    Boondocking Resources

    As state parks, campgrounds and public places are closing all over the country, facilities (bathrooms, showers, food, electricity) are becoming hard to find, consider boondocking near hospital and great lakes good for fly fishing.

    Alternative Hygiene Resources



    Useful Offers
      Testing Facilities

      Contact your state's Health Department

      What to do if the USA declares National Lockdown like in Italy?

      The President has declared a National State of Emergency: If you’re in the USA - Keep a plan of 2-3 alternatives at all times. Get to a spot where you have nearby social support and and can easily access supplies as you prepare to hunker down for a while. (I know it’s hard to stock up with limited room, get creative). It's unsure whether we could see travel across state and/or even county lines impacted in the very near future. The National Guard has been deployed in 6 states already. It's very possible we are headed toward a situation similar to Italy due to leadership delays in testing, tracking and quarantine. If you’re in an area with van life elders or those who are vulnerable please check in on them. If you go get supplies, ask if they need anything. Take care of one and other. 

      If you need water, electricity, parking, bathroom, showers - have a look at our directory: Dweller Help - In Case of Domestic Travel Ban

      Also scroll through our NEED HELP/OFFER HELP Forum

      Consider Boondocking, here are some guides: