The Vanlifer's "Wave" Sticker (Die-Cut)
The Vanlifer's "Wave" Sticker (Die-Cut)

The Vanlifer's "Wave" Sticker (Die-Cut)

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✅Size: 4"X4"

✅ Thickness: 0.15mm

✅ Waterproof top, fade resistant, durable vinyl.

✅ Price: $6.00 (including shipping in US and Canada)

✅ Part of the proceeds go to Project WeHOPE

Our community, our family, our sign of belonging. Wether you are a dweller, a nomad, or a vagabond... you are one of us, a part of the VLDNV family. Use this sticker to discretely to let others from the community recognize you. Because, those that know, "know". Yes, it's different than the "VL" hand that you may have seen. This one is ours, the VLDNV communityto cherish.

I've built this community of over 30,000 family members in 2 years, it took hard work and sweat. It brought me joy and pain, successes and failure. This community was there at my highs and lows in my search for meaning, and my yearning for freedom. During these 2 years, I roamed the streets of San Francisco in my van. Observing how the city was evolving, how many of "us" were also dwelling in vehicles on crowded, noisy, "no-parking" regulated streets. Most doing it out of sheer necessity and struggling to get a hold back on their lives. 

All of us are into (either doing or curious) vehicle dwelling. Some of us do it out of choice, and some of us do it out of necessity…and it’s not always fun and games, it can get pretty rough. 

I’m really keen on finding causes that bring our very diverse group members together and I thought that for those that would like to get our logo as a sticker, they would want it to mean something deeper. This is the occasion to come together as a community and support those that don’t have the chance to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

This is why part of the profits from this sticker, our sign, our pride, will go to "Project WeHope", an SF Bay Area non-profit that offers a program for individuals and families experiencing some form of vehicular homelessness who are seeking a safe spot to park with services geared towards finding a stable housing solution.